My Homey Pro 2023 arrived today

Well ok so I couldn’t get the actual thing in time for my birthday but my wife made me the next best thing - the world’s first (?) Homey Pro Early 2023 cake.


Happy birthday! Awesome cake! :smiley:

Haha, best cake ever!
Happy birthday! :tada::champagne::gift::birthday::beers::bouquet::tada:

Thank you both!

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What was your order number? Want to know when my cake arrives :laughing:


That’s awesome, wish I’d ordered one now :blush:

Happy birthday
I hope the ingredients are not the same:-)

Happy birtday.

Is it compatibel?

It seems over the past few days like it’s rapidly disappearing into the cloud

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:grin: that was so good!!! Best wife for sure.

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happy birthday ! a very creative wife :wink:

Happy birthday :tada:
If you weren’t married already I’d suggested to marry her :grin:

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