My Homey keeps crashing

And so the workaround is the solution for the headache😄


It’s worse than a workaround from my point of view. Any system or software should be stable enough that it doesn’t have to be rebooted at any time. Developers should put all their energy into making sure their system is stable and can respond to any kind of anomaly without crashing. This is called exception handling and is the basis of any cleanly developed system.

Also, there can be no guarantee that a system is more stable if it has to be rebooted daily or weekly. Although I imagine this is fine with you, it is not acceptable in a home automation environment.

Frankly, reading you, I want to change my brand even more than wasting my time trying to find a way to get around a problem of stability due to a lack of professionalism of the Athom company.

I agrea totally. But unfortunately this is what is is. Hoping for better times. Untill then I stick to Homey, because I invested quite some time. As for me it works the way I wanted it, but can imagine when you are starting with Homey you make other choices. Suc6