My Homey app lost (almost) everything!

A week ago, my Homey app changed the UI, the blue background disappeared, but everything still worked.
Yesterday everything disappeared, except ONE flow, one that controls my IKEA curtain.

The flow rolls down the curtain 1 hour before sunset, and rolls it back up when the sun sets. So without using the app, I can see, once a day, that Homey Pro works.

But apart from that, the app asks me to add a unit or create a flow.

What went wrong, and how do I get back again?

Hope someone are able to help with an advice

Please start here:

A wild guess, but I’m thinking you once installed Homey cloud (by accident?), and now you switched to it somehow.
Switch back to your other Homey like this:

(Oh, to avoid surprises, you can disable auto updates in the Ggl/Appl app stores!)

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