My flow keeps firing even though an AND statement is not met

My new cleaning lady was in total shock :slight_smile: Lights flashing, alarm blaring, homey talking …

When my Nest sets itself to away an alarm flow is triggered but it should only trigger when ‘today is not monday’. It does it anyway. What am i doing wrong? See flow below.

Maybe best discribe what u wanna achieve.
If the cleaning lady is there on Monday and u guys are away then the flows should have like:
When it’s not Monday AND we are both not at home. Not OR.
But maybe u have other thoughts about this.

As mentioned above, this is not what you build in your flow.
The ORs make the flow fire even if the AND is not true.
So probably one of the ORs where true at that time.
You can add papertrails (see appstore) for making debugging easier

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(And when your flows behave how you want them to behave, have a look at Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home and as I’m guessing you want to use your Homey as an Alarmsystem)

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I now see how my ANd - OR - OR is indeed the issue :slight_smile:

So i dumped the ORs and just did ‘and if today is not monday’ and added an AND “Send a push confirmation” card.

Now tomorrow is monday :smile: lets see how it goes. Should I give her a heads up or… :crazy_face:

Thx for all the tips, i’ve been checking Heimdall for a while but I was so proud of my gazillion flows that do the same … :wink: