I can get Music to play by iTunes and also Sonos but it always only plays one song.
How does it play all songs in the playlist as it always stops after first sing

@Angelo_Di_Genua can you post a screenshot of your Flow (this would be helpful)… I would then be happy to take a look at the logic just in case something is amiss :slight_smile:

And maybe check for open issues at GitHub

Appreciate your time.
Not sure if photos come through.
It’s not the flow I’m worried about at this stage but just the Music tab where you can play music. If I physically push the play button the song will play through Sonos but when that song finishes it doesn’t start the next song which is the problem.
As far as the flows, I think I should be able to work that out, and thanks for your support

Fine I read your post, so I thought I have a suggestion for you, update iTunes App or Firmware, a few days back I also faced the same, this error code always appearing ‘error 9’ , so I thought to configure it and visit here, and get proper solution to fix it.