Multiple users with each there own authorization to scenes

Hello, i’m a newbie here.

I don’t have Homey yet but looking in to it.
currently i have Tahoma/Somfy
Question: Is there a way to have multiple users with each there own autorisation to scenes.
With other words, kan i create a “dashboard” for a user or group so i can authorize for turn/off the lights but not to open the garage door?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


This question was here many times,
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out of the Homey (box) there is not more than this: Adding, managing & removing user accounts on Homey

Maybe there is a solution in a 3rd party Dashboard (needs subscription) see in this (Dutch) topic: (use your translate app if necessary) Virtuele homey koppelen / rechten

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Thx for the Quik replay and suggestions :grinning::+1: