Multiple Houses Multiple Homey Pro One Alexa account

Until now, I had one Homey Pro 2016-2019. I recently bought one Homey Pro early 2023. I couldn’t understand why Alexa didin’t recognize my devices. The skill has been OK for 3 years ! I decided to deactivate and reactivate the skill Homey in Alexa and my surprise was I had to precise which Homey used in Homey Skill.
So my question is how to have multiple Homey Pro in different houses but only ONE alexa account ?

Should work when you use one and the same owner account on both Homey’s?
Can’t test here.
It’s a cloud to cloud connection isn’t it?
If yes, it shouldn’t be a problem when Homey 2 is in location 2.

Yes it’s the same owner account but you have to make a choice : which homey (and so which devices) is connected to Alexa

Are you talking about the Alexa voice integration “settings” or Alexa homey app.

Voice integration is local to cloud on the 2023Pro afaik. So multiple wont work. The Alexa homey app also does only allow for 1 connection.

To circumvent the voice integration you can try their family option which allows for 2 adult accounts and 3 or 4 child accounts to be linked. But this option comes with a lot of other downsides on the Alexa side if you ask me as skills are linked to family members not the whole family group of accounts. Only pro i guess is using Echo devices across all accounts also with caveats.