Trouble with associating Amazon Alexa and Homey

Hello, i’ve received my brand new Homey Pro 2023.

I tried to add Alexa App but it does not work.

After downloading Alexa app and entering homey account details, Alexa search devices but there is a error message that says "Alexa can’t connect to your device " (In the photo

it appears in french Alexa ne peut pas se connecter à votre appareil).

I have an Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) et an Amazon Echo (2nd gen), none of these device can be add to Homey.

If it does not work, i will return my Homey back beacause without Alexa my actual devices can’t work.

Can you help me please.

Please refer to the compatibility list in the app. If your Echos are not listed, you can ask the app developer to add them.
Your devices don’t work without Alexa ? Explain this in more detail.