Error Message - You have no Homey

Hello from a newbie. I am trying to connect my Alexa items to Homey. I follow the instructions, but when I try to connect Alexa in the final step, Homey send me a message the
“You have no Homey”
Any advice, please ?

First of all, make sure that you have Homey :wink:.
Im just curious, is it Homey or Alexa that is providing this message?

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Hi… Just looking at my General Settings.
Earle 2018 model
Ver 4.2.0
App Ver
Network 5G 2.4 ghz
Connection Local Secure
Ive tried both ways… ( Installing the apps …lol)
Open Smart Home Skills
Enable Smart Home Skills
Search Homey
Select Homey
Enable To Use
Redirects to
Login into my Homey account.
Get a message, You have no Homeys. Message is from accounts

Now via Homey,
Connect New
Search Amazon Alexa
Selected Amazon 5 First series.
Then takes me to Connect to Amazon account
Im in Australia. Choices I have is
Nth America
EU and India
Far East.
I selected Far East
Click connect
Takes me to Amazon Sign in page
Touch id to connect to
Amazon Alexa Cookie successfully retrieved .You can close this browser
Next page.
Asking amazon for a list of your alexa devices, this may take a minute’
and stays like this…

There is the Alexa Skill, which allows you to use Alexa to control devices attached to Homey.


There is the Alexa App, which allows you to use Homey to control your Alexa devices.

Help for the Homey skill can be found here :

Details and help for the app can be found here or the #Alexa channel on slack.

They are two separate things and need to be setup separately.