Multiple Fibaro Shutter 3 control using a Single Momentary Switch

Hello all,

I am very much a noob when it comes to Homey and have installed 4No. Fibaro Shutter 3 (FS3) modules in the back boxes of 4No. Single Momentary Switches (Retractive Centre Off). They work perfectly when controlling the individual blinds.

I have also setup a virtual device and can control the blinds individually or as a group (using the virtual device) from the app.

However, I am trying to setup ‘double tap’ on the switches to be able to activate a flow to close all 4No. blinds from each switch rather than the individual blind hard wired.

I have read and read and cannot find much on this, save as for I would hope that I am meant to ‘activate scenes’ on the FS3 to be able to activate the Fibaro ‘Scene Card’. However, I have added the Raw Configuration Parameters 40,1,1;41,1,1 (40 and 41 is listed in the FS3 manual) and nothing seems to change. Is this correct?

If not, is there a way of adding this on a flow?

I don’t have an RS3 myself, so I can only make a guess.
It may be that Athom forgot to implement the action card “Button Scenes”. Then it would only help to contact Athom that they add the action card.

Thank you Fantross. I think you are right. Can I just confirm that the Raw Parameters in my description are correct? And/or do you know if there is any way of using the raw parameters to enable multi tap the switch through flows?

The raw parameters are not correct.
The raw parameters for double tap are: 40,1,2;41,1,2
Parameter: 40 / 41
Parameter size: 1 (byte)
Parameter value: 2

No, I don’t think there will be a possibility, but I don’t know exactly.

@Caseda, do you have an idea or is it impossible without the trigger card „Button Scenes“?

Good news and bad news.
First the bad news:
It is impossible without the trigger cards being implemented by the developer (in this case Athom)

the good news is:
You can combine (all) values if you want to use all the scene activation, making the end value 15 (1 + 2 + 4 + 8), so that would make it 40,1,15;41,1,15.
But if you really only wanted the double press for some reason, it is indeed 40,1,2;41,1,2.
But as said, without those flow cards, nothing is going to happen inside Homey.

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Thx for the info!

@jumpingjimmyfaz please contact Athom for adding the trigger card:
Next week I will receive also a RS3 and I will contact Athom also.

Thank you both!!! Really appreciate it

Good news is that Athom responded in April to advise they agree that the Fibaro RS3 has a lot more potential than they are currently offering and forwarded the feature request to their Development Team.

Unfortunately, no timescales given and no updates as yet which includes the additional flow cards.

I am hoping as it would appear a relatively simple addition, that it won’t be too long but it’s been over a month and nothing yet!

Fingers crossed the updates are progressed and rolled out shortly

I also hope that Athom will release an update with additional flowcards soon.
I have also contacted Athom several times because several Fibaro devices do not support all possible functions.

By the way, I bought the Walli RS instead of the RS3. The RS3 does not fit behind the switch, the space is to small.
Unfortunately the Walli RS also does not support Scene Activation. But I knew that before.

A little hint: If you click on the desired device in the app store, only the flowcards which are actually supported by this device are listed.