Creating a scene from a roller shutter monostable switch (with fgr 223)

Hello all, I have bought for my roller shutters, some monostable switches with 2 actions (up/down). Behind them, I will put a fibaro fgr 223 module which should be able to start scenes with multiple actions on the switch. As example, a double clic on up switch = all roller shutters from the room opens, triple clic = all house.
I know this is working on jeedom box (a french box) but I would like to know if there is any chance to see it on Homey Pro ?

Thank you

I don’t use FGR-223 my own, but in the app store you can see that there are action cards for scene activation:

So it’s probably possible.

Alright, hopefully you are right. I am not a native English speaker, and I don’t have yet the home automation vocabulary, this is why I still struggle to understand descriptions in the App Store.
Does switch 1 is for up and switch 2 for down ? And then how to define a scene from multi action on these ? To me this is not yet clear. Thanks a lot for your quick feedback btw !
Let’s see if some user has already faced this situation.

In Homey you’ll get 2 devices instances,
one for the left switch and output (S1),
and one for the right switch/output (S2)
Both these devices have a separate “turned on” and “turned off” flow triggers.

Scene activation, which is a separate flow trigger, you can select (under the S1 device) the corresponding scene action card for both switches (S1 and S2), which is a flow trigger so you can do anything you want not just activate scenes (that is just how Z-Wave calls it), and has S1 has 4 options (1x press, 2x press, hold and release) and S2 has 5 options (1x press, 2x press, 3x press, hold and release).

That seems very good :blush:. Thanks a lot for feedback ! So basically, any switch used with a fgr 223 can became a switch to launch a flow. Great :+1:t3: