Multi room audio


New here so first a short introduction:

We are Sven en Johan from Escape Haarlem and we are currently building our 3rd escape room.

In the 2nd room we use a Homey 2.0 for lots of effects and uses and are very content with it. The only thing that haunts us from the beginning is getting the audio tuned in. We tried the soundboard but 900kb just isn’t enough for our usage. So we now use three Chromecast audios in different rooms. Unfortunately this isn’t the most stable and it happens often that a sound effect gets ‘skipped’ or the device is not found.

We would love to use another Homey in our next room but it will contain about 12 rooms and with every room we need different music at certain times. Have been looking at Sonos but that would be very expensive.

Would a Spotify connect speaker like a Teufel connect with an amp and wired speakers be a good alternative? Or any other suggestions?

Kind regards,


Just to get you thinking in other directions:

More examples with a Pi can be found!
Integration with a NAS is possible. Not sure how to link Homey… perhaps by having the Pi respond to http get/put commands?

I myself use a Pi with Volumio

You can go for Ikea Sonos speaker. Its much cheaper than sonos and works the same with reasonable sound quality.

Often the Chromecasts are offline and a reboot of the app always fixes it for me so now i have the Chromecast app reboot itself every 3 hours and that works flawless. I’m going to change it to every 4 or something etc etc. If you know at what times you don’t need / use the chromecasts you can try this method.

hope it helps…

What a great use of Homey!
If I lived nearer, I would definately stop by for an escape to see how it’s working!