Chromecast Audio still supported?

Still struggling a bit to understand the structure and logic of the Homey. When it works it is so nice, but every time I run into a wall and keep hitting my head…and here I am again :slight_smile:

I just threw out Sonos and instead are going with Chromecast. To connect to some existing amplifieras I’ve bought a few Chromecast audio.

  1. OK, so every now and then the Chromecast audio are not reachable within Homey (they are still accessable through over apps and services like Google Home, any app than can cast etc).

  2. Also tried to create a hook for a Chromecast audio. I have a flow that triggers the Chromecast started - Audio Mirroring…then it will do some settings in the amplifier… Same thing when it ends.
    The first time I run it it works just fine, but after that it doesn’t work for a few hours…and so it goes.

So is Chromecast Audio not supported (it seems to work fine with the ordinary chromecast)?

Do I have the Chromecast events started and stopped casting wrong, can’t they be used as hooks?
Tried to use tags (i.e. when started and …tag is playing) but that didn’t help.

Any other way to create a hook that would give me the same options?

Any help/thoughs appreciated.


It is supported but the chromecast app is not the best implementation I guess. I use chromecast for multiroom audio myself and it works pretty reliable for me. But I also assigned all chromecast devices a fixed IP address. Made sure they have good wlan coverage and I automatically restart the chromecast app every morning by flow.
Up until now everything keeps working.
If you cast to a speaker group you will have another problem to take care of. Chromecast automatically elects a device to be master for the group and that is based on uptime of the chromecast device sorts of. So If you have a group added as device, try to make sure that device is always on. The chromecast app seems to have a problem when the master changes, effectively rendering the speakergroup device unavailable.

Maybe this helps, maybe not. fingers crossed

Thanks! Just quickly tried to assign it to static IP-addresses but that didn’t do the trick (except for the first time) but I’ll keep trying, next step is to restore the Chromecast audio to factory setting and go through the steps once more and thanks to you I have a few things more to try out.

Re the quality of the Chromecast app: Ye, makes sense. I have 24 apps running in Homey but the one that keeps crashing on a regular basis is the Chromecast app.

Again, thanks for you quick and extensive reply :slight_smile:

Same problem overhere with the chromecast app. But made a flow that restarts the app every 3hours. After that no problems at all. It’s not THE sollution, but it works…

I tried rebooting the Homey and reload the Chromecast app within Homey on way to many occasions. Sometimes it works sometime it doesn’t.

Came across a text on Googles support page:The Cast team is aware of an issue with the Android Cast Screen / Audio feature where the ‘Disconnect’ button within the Google Home app remains after successfully disconnecting the mirroring session. You’re unable to reconnect a Chromecast or Chromcast Audio using the Cast Screen / Audio feature.

Not sure if this is what’s causing the issue but it sounds quite familiar. I also realised my chromecast audio are made for the US market. Not sure if that is affecting the connection (but doubt it since it works every now and then and then stop working for a few hours).

For now I think I leave it for a few days, think I need some distance to the problem to figure it out. Already have a few backupoptions like getting a HDMI-AUX-adapter and use an ordinary chromecast or rebuild a google home mini to get an aux output (found some interesting stuff on the Internet).
Thanks for all your help and suggestion, if you or anybody else have some input that would be great. If I ever figure it out I will post it here.