MQTT seems to be publish/read only?

I’m running the apps MQTT Client and MQTT Hub towards a broker i have in
I configured homey, MQTT Dash on my phone and also MQTT Explorer on my PC towards that cloudmqtt instance.

Topics are published from homey to the broker. They are also updated on state changes and i see live updates in MQTT Dash.

The problem is when i try to change a topic in my cloudmqtt broker it doesn’t seem like homey cares at all.

If i turn on a light via the homey app it sets the topic /homie/homey/light/onoff to true and the light turns on.
If i turn off a light via the homey app it sets the topic /homie/homey/light/onoff to false and the light turns off.
If i set /homie/homey/light/onoff to true via MQTT Dash, nothing happens with the light.

It seems like i’m missing some configuration that tells Homey to listen for input via MQTT, but i cant find it.

The topic that mqtt Hub looks for to act on would be

The topic you are changing is just a status topic not the action topic.

That was it. It works like a charm now.

Finally, a dashboard! :slightly_smiling_face:


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May i ask? :slight_smile: which one?

There are several that seem OK for Android but currently im using MQTT Dash from routix software.

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