MQTT Client - Homey Actions on MQTT message

I have got MQTT Broker up and running, I can use the MQTT Client to push data out to MQTT Broker ok

I am now trying to get Homey to detect a change in MQTT Broker

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 17.18.28

In theory if I push anything into Homey/Control/Blinds/office then the Office Blind should open to 0%.

I have checked and I cannot find the Tag where it puts the content of the message - ideally I send 0% from Node Red to MQTT Broker, Homey MQTT Client sees a new message and then the Homey Flow pushes the 0% to the Blind controller.

At the moment I would settle for if the Homey MQTT Broker sees anything then act on it.

But so far the MQTT Client does not see the message at all.

I have copied and pasted the MQTT field from Node Red to Homey to ensure no typos…

Anyone any ideas - would be much appreciated.

Making some progress

So the MQTT Client is working - any change in the MQTT Broker is sent to me as a message.

Now I just need to work out how to get Homey to take the content of ‘Message received form topic’ and stick it in the ‘Set position to %’ field.

Unfortunately the ‘Message received form topic’ is not available to the Aqara card - so how do I expose this to Aqara?

Ok it looks like the number 0 (zero) is coming in a String Variable

So next question is in Homey how do you convert a String ‘number’ to a number ‘number’?

You could use Better Logic Library and the BLL Expression to Number(stringnumber) as a tag. Looks like you have advanced flows enabled.

Just looking at that now :slight_smile:


Do you have an example? maybe with a screenshot?

I’m using BLL in a flow described here: