Broadcast Aqara blinds via MQTT to HASS

Hey everyone! hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction. I have some AQARA blind motors setup with Homey which work perfectly fine. I wanna build a proper dashboard though so I decided to get HASS running. Being very new to using MQTT I was able to get the Broker, Client and Hub running with the respective Homey Apps and all the selected devices from the Hub are being broadcasted to HASS. So far so good, but most of the controls dont work. Lights e.g. cannot be controlled and the Blinds dont work properly either. I was able to close them via the MQTT command but when I try to open them they only move up 1cm.

Does anyone know where to look to get this resolved?

Thanks a ton in advance ◡̈

Maybe my tut can help you in the right direction:

Thanks man, I searched but only found the other guide on MQTT and HASS which is the one I followed.
why do I need to install the devices again on Homey?

Edit: I added the blinds again to Homey but it doesnt resolve the Issue. I also dont really understand why those devices have to be added to Homey?

Edit 2: Thanks to the recommended MQTT Explorer I think I found the issue…MQTT sends set = 1 for 100% open although the format is set to 0:100, this resolves to opening the blinds only 1% not 100%…
Any idea how to change that?

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You don’t. It’s a common guide;
Of course when you use HA just as a dash, you don’t need to install the Home Assistant Community app.

You probably have to calibrate them first. As in, set the open and close position?

ah, got it!

they are working perfectly fine within Homey, I think the MQTT Hub communicates the data wrongly…

Ah, now I see.
I use these MQTT Hub custom settings to fix bad responding, or non-responsive Homey devices on HA (this is from the tutorial actually):

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yep I did the settings from the Tutorial but I had to set it to 0…1 not 0…100! After re-adding MQTT integration to HASS and rebroadcasting the devices it works. That solved it, thanks a lot for your help, appreciate it ◡̈

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Good find!
And you’re welcome, nice to hear it’s fixed!