MQTT Hub/Gateway

I’m considering creating a Lovelace dashboard for my Homey.
Is MQTT Hub a necessity, or a “nice to have”?
What would be the alternative for getting a device on a dashboard?

I’m mostly interested in door/window status (Aqara) and thermostats/lights etc. It’s not critical to be able to change anything from the dashboard, it’s 90% meant as an overview, but of course it would be nice to just set temperature for thermostats, enable “high” setting on ventilation etc.

Yes, MQTT Hub & MQTT Client on Homey, and MQTT Broker on Homey, or HA, or Synology NAS, or even (not preferrable) a cloud service f.i.
I just made a Dutch step-by-step manual by the way, maybe it is of any use with

I’ll be using Docker on my QNAP for HA and MQTT broker.

But what is the reason for using MQTT hub? How would it work without it, with just MQTT Client?

Is the alternative to have a flow for each single device when it is updated?

I also got this problem, my labels are all the same.

Did you fix this and how did you do this?

The hub sends f.i. the Homey devices and their data to MQTT Client a.f.a.i.k.
If you disable it, nothing gets updated in HA anylonger.

All clients connect to a hub (somewhere)

The MQTT holds the device states and a command interface for your devices from both systems in a format both HA and Homey understand.

So it’s an alternative to automations on both end with subscriptions etc?

MQTT is just a link between the two. Kind of like an intermediary relay device or mini data base that issues events when relevant data changes value

I’ve only used MQTT broker and client directly, that’s why I’m asking. But it seems like MQTT Hub/Gateway removes the hassle with having to create a flow for every MQTT signal you might want to send out, and maybe more so the syncing of Homey and HA which could be a lot of flows to get working.

Can’t wait to finally get my Homey Pro 2023 now and get this all set up.

Is there any possibility to set a device as:

"energy": {
"cumulative": true

This would make me able to add my powermeters as smartmeters/powermeters and not show up as load in Homey :slight_smile:

Maybe it works when you use a helper callled ‘Utility meter’ for your meter sensor.

Maybe then it presents itself as cumulative meter in mqtt.

Alternative: it is possible when you add a power meter sensor using the community Home Assistant app

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