MQTT Hub/Gateway

I have same problem devices keep on searching

Can someone pm me the log? Anything there?

No the log won’t load anyhting

Anyone willing to debug (install some debug versions via CLI)?

@scanno Seems there is an issue with MQTT Client and the latest version of Homey 2.05 along with the latest version of Hub 2.1.5

Did a debug session with @HarriedeGroot and tested several scenarios.
The closest we came to was the Client was no longer forwarding the messages out. This was learned by viewing the console ad MQTT Explorer

Any ideas?

I’m on 2.1.5 and 2.0.5-rc.5 and I haven’t noticed an issue.

Yes… As long as you don’t touch your set up

If you do it won’t recover

Submitted to app store and waiting for approval from Athom.

Version 2.1.6

  • [FIXED] Devices are not displayed in app settings on clean install

Fix is already available on the master branch.

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Version 2.1.6

Is available in the store now.


It is working! :smile:


Thank you!

Hello, i also want to make a dashboard on my own. Now i see in all the topics i need openhab. But what is the best way to you this.
On a nas or on a raspberry. Or something else? I want to use 3 tablets on android with the same dashboard .

Hi Ruud

MQTT Hub gets all your Homey devices into a standard ‘MQTT’ broker with realtime updates and control. Once there you can use your preferred choice of application that also supports MQTT. It effectively opens Homey up to all these apps. :ok_hand:

OpenHAB and Home Assistant are two such ‘popular’ apps and there are others like Domoticz and HomeSeer. All of these are very capable home control applications in their own right and run on most OS’s. There are also dashboard apps that work directly with MQTT that are more just front ends.

OpenHAB and HomeAssistant have a variety of dashboard front ends, as well as their own inbuilt display interfaces that will work with MQTT. Recently HomeAssistant has a new offering called Lovelace which can be visually appealing. So your options are many - not just openHAB.

As to where to run such a dashboard capable app - a Pi is a good starting point and there are specific builds of all these apps available for that. If you have a NAS already they can also run there - often using a Docker container. If you wish to have a more powerful/resilient helper PC then one of the NUC devices is ideal, fast and stable.

Whilst your exploring I would maybe start with a Pi to get the hang of things as you may change course a couple of times and swap platforms. I started this way but now use an Intel NUC with Docker containers for both Home Assistant and openHAB… works really well.


P.S. I should probably add that the dashboard builder you select should probably be chosen based on your own familiarity and technical experience with the tools used. Expectedly the more flexibility you want the more complex the offering and time involved. Some are html/css based, some JavaScript and others have more of an inbuilt configuration tool and are ‘card’ based or have available client apps for Android/iOS. There are good visual examples on each of the respective forums for these.

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I’m also very interested in this topic. It opens up many possibilities outside Homey. I’m thinking about wallmounted tablets in specific rooms with nice dashboards. Thinking about installing HA on a RPi and there configure these dashboards. I’m still a noob in all of this :). Wanted to know if its possible to have multiple wallmounted tablets and each of them have its own dashboard in HA. Does someone know if thats possible and how to do this (maybe there is a howto/tutorial somewhere)?

Also wanted to know how I can setup Google Assistant in HA together with all the Homey devices. Can someone tell me how? Maybe via a small howto/tutorial?

Really appreciate the work being done here!

Thx in advance!

MQTT HUb creates the possibilities and I feel this topic should focus on MQTT Hub and any related issues.

Obviously there are forks that could discuss the many UI possibilities along with the dashboard apps for HA, OH, HS, Domoticz etc but they may be better served by a new topic that embraces all of these, and has opinions , but wouldn’t enhance this topic. I for one could benefit from such contributions, so maybe a new topic ?

I say this without consulting Harrie so I welcome his views on this ?? This is already a long topic and for something that is now working well for me it should be a ‘what have I done wrong’ rather than an exploratory one as to new visualisation.

Dashboard choices, ideas, implementations and their quirks are probably better presented by many such topics posted on the respective associated forum so I feel your best placed for helpful ideas and help there. They have the expertise. I’m still learning quite what and how to do things … and I continually am enthused by the possibilities.

MQTT Hub gets your devices into an alternate application. The implementations of the dashboards are not dictated by Homey but more open to the capabilities of the app you choose. There’s a lot of options so that might merit discussion here if you’re in that choice situation. But the implementation options practicalities might be better served in those forums. A Homey device is now just another device in those apps (fortunately).


First of all: Thank you so much Harrie for a great app! This has really enhanced the functionality of my Homey!
I have now added 50+ devices in HA thanks to this app, and it is all working very nicely, except for my blinds. They only show up as sensors in HA, so I can see the position/state, but I can’t change the position. Am I doing something wrong, or is support for blinds not implemented?

It’s great to see how may new users you’re bringing into Homey Harrie, or at least the community posts ! Welcome Tobster !

I know that this treats Homey as more of a periperal than a controller but in the greater scheme of making your home work as you’d like it to it’s great, and the number of posts on this topic reflect perhaps how short sighted Athom have been with the visualisation and control of devices… But they can sort that.


Blinds are still on the list to be implemented. The cover device is the one you need I guess.

The hard(er) part here is I don’t own one myself…so I can’t test easily while developing.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, you’re exactly right - I would need to use the cover device.
I can see that it is difficult to implement cover support when you don’t own one yourself. If I can assist with testing in any way, please let me know!

And @xAPPO I agree: let’s try keeping this topic about the Hub itself. Solve issues, discuss missing features, etc.