MQTT Hub/Gateway

@Tobster can you send me (pm) the device details for the blinds from the developer page?

Not missing but the other side of the integration.
Maybe another app…

How do I get an MQTT device into Homey, maybe via discovery ? :thinking:
Avoiding flows if possible.

…playing with your aspirations :wink:

@xAPPO Discovery of external mqtt devices has been somewhere on my list from the beginning… it was also already requested in one of the earliest posts in this thread.

This one is a much harder though and needs a lot to be implemented. I even thought about creating a separate app for it…but I’m afraid I won’t start this project soon.

soon == maybe == :soon: in Athom speak … so I’m happy it’s on the radar.

I’ll pop it on Santa’s list in 2020 if I don’t hear anything from the elves.

Who knows…maybe even Athom will pickup this one up. It’s default functionality for most other platforms after all. Actually the first thing you see when you start: “we found these devices already, do you want to add them”?

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Well yes… I’d like to add them :smile: Feeling a sense of anticipation … hey Athom ?

Everything working very well with this app (bar a few non cooperative devices)

Really awesome that it is possible to play with the lay out and bring everything together. Below a screenshot from my iPhone Xr. Thanks @HarriedeGroot

Hi @HarriedeGroot here output from my fibaro roller shutter, maybe is usable:

Storen Wohnzimmer
Property Value
ID 27a8a4a6-04ff-493f-b6c5-c159d3a43fe8
Class windowcoverings
Driver homey:app:com.fibaro — FGR-222
Ready Yes
Available Yes
Custom icon Yes
Key Value
reports_type “1”
operating_mode “2”
switch_type “1”
power_level_change 10
periodic_power_level_reports 3600
start_calibration true
invert_direction false
zw_node_id “20”
zw_manufacturer_id “271”
zw_product_type_id “770”
zw_product_id “4096”
zw_secure “⨯”
zw_battery “⨯”
zw_device_class_basic “BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE”
zw_device_class_generic “GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL”
zw_device_class_specific “SPECIFIC_TYPE_CLASS_B_MOTOR_CONTROL”
zw_firmware_id “”
zw_wakeup_interval 0
zw_group_1 “”
zw_group_2 “”
zw_group_3 “1”
zw_configuration_value “3,1,1;10,1,2;12,2,110;13,1,0;29,1,1”
invertWindowCoveringsDirection false
Capability Type Value Edit value Last Updated
windowcoverings_state enum up upidledown 22 hours ago
dim number 0.02 3 days ago
measure_power number 0 28 minutes ago

Ow yes, still interested.
Reading along here. :wink:

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The BETA branch contains a first implementation for HA Discovery of covers/blinds.

Can anyone test and report back (@Viktor, @Tobster)?

Hi @HarriedeGroot thanks for the implementation. Only my virtual window coverings are imported in HA, but are not working:

This one, fibaro, is not showed:


@Viktor Thanks for the feedback!

Made some changes. Can you try again?
Don’t forget to reboot HA to force a new trigger of the MQTT discovery.

If the Fibaro shutters still don’t show up:

  • Does a ‘homeassistant/cover/{fibaro shutter name}’ topic exist?
  • if yes? Can you provide the config json payload?

I’ll test this tonight!

Hi @HarriedeGroot , thanks. Now are both, virtual and physical window coverings, discovered and working. Thank you.

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Hi @HarriedeGroot - thany you for implementing this! I have now tested with my blinds and screens, and HA discovery works very well, and I am able to both close and open them. However, if I use the stop button half-way up or down, I am not able to continue in the same direction (the arrow is grayed out).

Available in the store

Version 2.1.7

  • PR: MQTT Explorer url
  • Updated readme
  • Athom api update (2.1.178)
  • Bug fixes & stability improvements

Available in the store (beta version)

Version 2.1.8:

  • HA Discovery: Covers/blinds

Available in the store now.

Version 2.1.9

  • Retry topic subscriptions on failure & manual broadcast

While broadcasting all my devices from Homey, I see them nicely added to HA. But when I look in the log, I’m getting these kind of messages:

Exception in color_temp_received when handling msg on ‘homie/homey/kitchenspot2/color/v’: ‘61’
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/homeassistant/components/mqtt/light/”, line 346, in color_temp_received
self._color_temp = int(payload)
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘364.66999999999996’

Is this a known issue? Can I resolve this myself somehow?

Can be a small bug in the hub (or HA?). What values do you see in MQTT explorer?