MQTT Home Assistant - Devices shown, but can't control them


I’ve used home assistant in combination with homey in the past (HP2016) with no issues. I recently set it up for HP2023. I’m using the home assistant broker and the MQTT client and hub apps are running on my HP 2023. The devices are showing up in Home Assistant, and state changes are reflected accordingly, but I can’t control device from HA. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

With my Pro 2019 I had ‘frozen’ Homey devices on HA very often.
Someone in the MQTT Hub app topic, pointed me to these settings, and the problems are gone.
It might help on a Pro 2023 as well!
If I were you I would not change the topic field you have right now

Thanks @Peter_Kawa! This solved it for me as well.

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Nice to hear!

Hi @Peter_Kawa , did you change anything else, as the settings shown in the screenshot? I got prettymuch the same problem (with HP2023) and getting crazy with the HA-connection. Devices are shown correctly (inlc. state) but I can’t control these inside HA. Any further ideas?
thank you very much in advance

No, that’s it afaik.
Probably things, and/or the Mqtt Hub app, work slightly different on the Pro 23.
But I have no info of issues with other Pro 23 users with HA integrated → which does not mean there are none