MQTT HUB losing connection with Home assistant

I have set up MQTT to be able to control my lights using AppDaemon in Home Assistant.
However, every day this connection is broken and I have to either just click broadcast in the Homey App or reset the settings and broadcast.
This is my setup in Homeassistant:

    port: 1883
    discovery: true
    client_id: home-assistant
    discovery_prefix: homeassistant
        topic: 'hass/status'
        payload: 'online'
        topic: 'hass/status'
        payload: 'offline'

Settings in Homey are all default and all integrations enabled.
Any idea how to debug this?

I have the same. I even did a full reinstall of HA. I didn’t use the config you use, but the GUI integration settings.
I found out that pressing the broadcast button in the hub app pushes the states back to Home Assistant. There must have been a change somewhere?

I was meaning to ask the developer if something has changed, but I though it was only me.

I tried using only broadcast, but it seems I really have to hit the reset default settings twice before the entities show up again in Home Assistant. The first time the topic gets some weird ID, the second time it is homie/homey again and after broadcasting then things show up again.