Motion detection with light sensor

I have a light sensor (Xiaomi Light Sensor).
I also have an IKEA motion detector.

Now I want the lights to come on when there’s movement and the lumen count is less than 20, so it’s pretty dark.
Otherwise not on the move.

How can I get this done? With the ‘and’ at the light sensor I don’t get the option to enter the number of lumens. Only for the battery.

– The motion alarm turned on (IKEA Motion Sensor)
– Logic card: Brightness (Tag) is less than 20
– Turn light on

How to use Tags in a flow, I suggest to follow this tutorial.

To ensure that the light goes off after a certain time, I suggest following this tutorial.


What Fantross says

Ah, thank you so much.
I didn’t know how to use Logica, now I know… :smiley:

Thanks Hugo!