Flow: Warning, light has remained on

Hello, could you help me solve this problem? I’m currently stuck. My goal is to have my motion sensor detect when the light is above 20 lx, and if the value doesn’t drop below 20 lx for 10 minutes, it sends me an alert that the light has been on for 10 minutes. So far, it’s working well, but then the flow doesn’t trigger as long as the lx remains at the same value. I would like that once the counter reaches 0, the flow starts triggering again as long as the lx is above 20. However, as soon as they go below this threshold, the counter should stop. Could you show me a flow that accomplishes this?

With this trigger card from the Device Capabilities app, it’s a piece of cake:
Screenshot from 2023-10-30 18-27-39

Screenshot from 2023-10-30 18-24-42

Thank you, I will try.

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All you need to do is to add a condition card in the second flow. So in general no additional App needed.

Thank you, I will also test this scenario.