More than three OR clauses

Is it possible to have more than 3 OR clauses in a flow? I have this flow I need to activate on set dates, and the easiest option for me is to do it once per year. That means I’ll need up to 12 OR clauses, or at least 6. Is this possible in some way? Or is it possible to add an array of dates somehow?


Seems a bit clumsy to define the dates in the code. Perhaps the iCalCalendar app would be a better solution?

Or if you really want to do it in flows, think the other way around:
[IF] trigger

[AND] date isn’t ****
[AND] date isn’t ****
[AND] etc…

[THEN] do what you normally would do, not on those dates (I believe it is optional to have cards in the THEN)
[ELSE] do what you want to do on those dates

Thanks. Will look into it if there’s no way to do it directly, but the last time I checked out that app I couldn’t get it working…

That’s actually a decent way, if I use the “the date is between…” card. Hmmm…Thanks :smiley:

Do you have experience with using logic operators to compare the title? I think I got the ical app working, but is there a way to do a case insensitive contains operation on the title? Or is the problem that “contains” from the logic group doesn’t trigger if there are 0 characters before the string it should contain?

This app can do what you want: