Moods and (Google)Speech Assistant

Has anyone succeed to start a Mood in using a (Google) speech command?
The command “Hey Google, start Woonkamer licht” does not work.
It returns “that device has not been installed”, although Honey and Google are synchronized.


Try “hey Google, activate [flow name]”

Tried it too and also does not work here. It says you need to set it up in Google assistant. But I cannot find the ‘mood’ in the app anywhere :thinking:

Did you report it already to Athom?

I don’t know what you mean with moods. But if you want to start a Homey flow with a speech command to Google Assistant, than this the way.

You could try one more thing. Favorite the flow you want to start via a speech command and then sync Google to Homey again. Then try the speech command again: "Hey Google, activate [flow name]

No, not yet. I will. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that works for flows but not for moods. Moods is a new way to save the settings of your (groups of) lights and to set them. You can see it as a partial replacement of the app.
Thank you for your message.

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You need to make a flow in Homey: if flow is started then set mood (name mood). Name this something like “Start Mood …”
After this, you have to set the flow as a favorite (heart/ hartje) so it comes on the “Home dashboard” from Homey.
After this open “Google Home” pull down from the top of the screen so Google Home looks for new items. Make an automation / routine in Google Home. Type the sentence or word you will say after “Hey Google” , choose as action Smarthome devices (smarthome apparaten aanpassen) , scroll down to “Add Settings” (settings toevoegen), check :heavy_check_mark: your mood flow (Start Mood …) and add this action.
Hope this helps.
Should have written in Dutch :slight_smile:

Let me know it worked.

Hello Sandy,
Thank you for your message. I agree that working with a favorite flow that calls a Mood is a solution.

But, in the message that introduces the Moods itcwas stated that moods could be started directly from Google Assistant (or Alexa) by saying “Hey Google, start Name_Mood”.

Unfortunately that seems not to work that way.


I have been in contact with Athom. It is a bug: Moods should show up in google scenes similar to flows. They will fix it. I will practice patience.

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The firmware update resolves the bug: moods now appear in Google Assistant.