Monitoring Battery Level Laptop

Is there a way to monitor the battery level of my laptop ?

I can monitor the battery level of my Android Tablet by using the Dashboard Controller app Dashboard Controller App voor Homey | Homey.

Is there a app for Windows Laptops ?

I searched the app store for ‘windows’ and ‘pc’, and found this app:

get battery level is a command, isn’t it?

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maybe also this Simple SSH App for Homey | Homey

@Valentin_Ciopei , Most likely I can achieve what I want with the Simple SSH App for Homey | Homey, but there’s a limit to my amateur skills :shushing_face:, so I’m not sure how to approach it.

if you can enable SSH on you tablet it’s simple:

  1. Add SSH device:
  2. use it like this:
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Thank You @Peter_Kawa & @Valentin_Ciopei , I’ve found a way to do it using a Powershell Script creating a webhook and Windows task scheduler.

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