Monitor folders in Synology DS, SQL DB or Windows

Hi guys. I have requirement that I would like to find a solution for.

I have a Synology Disk Station at home, some of it’s folders are mapped to a Maria DB (database), and can also be viewed from the Explorer of a Win10 PC.

What I would like to do: I want Homey (or something else that can report to Homey) to monitor some specific folders for changes. For instance, a new subfolder is being created in one of these monitored folders.
Then I would like to trigger flows on this, for instance send a Homey notification with the folder name to my phone.

I am also open for completely other solutions outside Homey. I have tried Eventghost on the win10 computer but the notification support is quite bad to be honest. And I love my Homey, so why not reaching out to this awesome community for tips and tricks?

I know that there are a MySQL app available. Unfortunately my SQL skills are quite limited! But can be a way forward perhaps?

Does Eventghost do everything except the notification?
Can it send http requests?
If so, you can use the HTTP app to listen to incomming requests and use the build in notification functionality in Homey.

Hi @DaneedeKruyff.
Well, eventghost actually do two things.
First, it checks two different folders if there are changes to it’s structure (only files or subfolders are added/changed).
That will trigger a notification to be sent to my phone via the autoremote plugin (android specific?).

There are at least two back draws with this solution.

  1. The computer needs to be turned on, obviously. I would like to decrease the usage of this computer.
  2. I can’t bring the name of the added/changed folder or file to the notification.

Also, the actual notification of autoremote isn’t good looking. With Homey, I could trigger what ever I want based on this. That’s interesting!

I took a shortcut (well, not really when you think of it) and bypassed Homey and MySQL/MariaDB. Via a windows application I can monitor specific folders for change. A change will trigger the SW to send me an e-mail which get a specific label in Gmail. IFTTT detects this and starts a flow in Homey within 5-10 secs.

So, Win -> Gmail -> IFTTT -> Homey

If that monitoring software can make an HTTP request when something changed, you can use the HTTP Request Flow Cards app to listen for incoming HTTP request, which would remove the need to use Gmail and IFTTT.

Well, I do not think so. This specific application was compatible with Growl and Syslog Server, alongside e-mailing. I do think there were other applications that was more advanced, capable of handling cmd window and regexp to mention a few.

This is probably good enough for me for the moment though. It would be nice with better Synology Support though. :slight_smile: