Monitor apps

Hi, everybody!

I’m a new Athom Homey Pro owner and therefore I might ask some questions that either are already answered or seems a bit beginner-like, so bear with me.

Today I experienced that the KNX app stopped and it did not help to restart it. However, a reboot of the system/Athom Homey helped and for the time being, it seems to do the trick. Is it possible to monitor an app and automatic do action with flows or similar, like restart the app or reboot the Homey? Either with an external app or with integrated functionality.

hmm… I don’t know about the KNX app itself.
But you can get flowcard to restart an app or the Homey when you go into the app settings and enable power user under experiments.
I think it also offers a trigger card for an app being haltet but it only covers one usecase. There are several why an app could be stoppped. So it might or might not work for your situation.

I found the card, it says its triggered when an app crashes. Unsure if thats the same as the app is stopping, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the reply! :+1:

This works indeed with 1 app, it would be great if Athom could add a function to auto restart a crashed app in general :slight_smile:

That’s the thing. I think this card is only triggered for apps which “actually crashed”. If the app was suspended by Homey due to missbehaving it is not triggered.
Misbehaving in means of, consuming unusual high CPU time or eating up too much RAM too fast.