Daily KNX stops working

It seems to be a lot of work to make the KNX implementation working stable and reliable. Every say the app on the Homey crashes and has to be restarted.

I just can offer my help as much I can to get the cause of the crashes. I never had the system hung by other solutions as EibPC or HA Bridge but the KNX-Homey apps seems be a bit less reliable.

How could I help? Anything on information I could provide? There are many things not implemented and not working flawlessy by now. I could not even find an fitting object for my “lock objects” which behaved “strange” when I used the same address as switch for the object and the status. Only the object for the lights for dimming and switching work fine. the shadowing function does not work by know and the heating system object neither.

I will figure it out if someone with KNX tells me that everything works fine but this makes no sense at all ,if the system is crashing all the time…

Greetings GUS