KNX experiance

My homey loses connection with the KNX sometimes. I don´t know were it goes wrong but when it not work I have no messages on the bus when I am whatching the activety i ETS.
When I restart the KNX app in homey settings it mostley works fine again.
Any one else that have the same problem or have any suggestion on what to try?

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Either no-one is using the KNX-app or no-one have the same problem…
Not to hijack your thread - but I would like to hear if you think the app is any good - whats your experience? (besides your problems).

Becides the connection problem I have right now I think it’s easy to set up.
I like the use with flows where you can build tour own scenarios in many many ways.
For example I did a simple welcome home button and a good night button using a viritual button in flows.
The downside I think is the big layout of the buttons in the app that you can’t change. Lets hope this is different egen the full V.2 is relest.
It can only do basic commands in the knx from homey like set temperature, switch and dimm lights, control curtains for example. You can not comunicate for example with a wetherstation.
I am novice on this so mabey There is ways of do more things with the knx that I don’t Know about.

But I defenetly think you schuld try it out.

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Did you contact Athom?

I have KNX working now. Should be easy to set up with ETS, but most users do not have it. I did use the ETS diagnostic tools and was able to extract the addresses.

@Pettsson I also have occasional loss of connectivity. Most cases I was able to restart the KNX Homey app and get it working again. However just now I had to reset the Weinzierl 731.

So in general I am far from satisfied with Homey. The KNX solution is rudimentary and in experimental phase. Implementation requires too much effort. Connection is NOT reliable, where KNX in itself is VERY reliable (I have Hager).

Also a major flaw from Homey solution is you can not draw a map of the house with all devices. Compate this to other solutions eg. ComfortClick bOS. Much more mature and thought out.

I also strongly disagree with the V2.0 mobile only approach. Bad decision. Windows or iOS should be the configuration platform (due to larger screens and faster hardware), while the control can be via Android or iPhone next to Windows.

I am starting to regret my choice for Homey perhaps I should have chose a more expensive but more mature solution.

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What is not on-topic? Subject is KNX experience. My experience with Homey KNX is not very good.

I find your reaction offensive.

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Hi, I started with homey last July. After some issues with KNX then everything starts to work good. Unfortunately during the last weeks it happens quite frequently that KNX devices stop to respond and a simple app restart it’s not enough. Currently after 30 minutes I’ve not managed to have them online again. Didi you solve your problem?

Using a KNX IP Interface is not ideal because the KNX/IP tunnelling connections can drop off-line while there is nothing happening.
Using a KNX IP Router would be much better; however, Homey would need to support the multicast KNX/IP routing feature and I don’t know if that is possible to be implemented in Homey?
This dropping of tunnelling connections used to be a problem with Control 4 & KNX so eventually C4 released a KNX Routing driver and the problem is no longer an issue.

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Hey there,
even though this topic is older it was the only one I found where others seem to having the same problem(s) I’m still having.

I’m testing with Homey and KNX since 3 months now. And what should I say… Still the same problem. KNX communication from Homey is just not reliable. At least twice a day red triangles appear on knx devices in homey. The whole homey app is then slowly.
Restarting knx app does not solve the problem. Homey reboot solves the problem for a few hours in 6 of 10 times.

I have an open support ticket with athom since three months. Last recommendation was 2 months ago to change my Homey power adapter. Since then now update. I did that anyway. No difference.

I tried already two different knx ip gateways.
So which gateway did you guys use?

My last hope is that maybe using the Weinzierl IP gateway might finally work. But I have to order that without having an idea of that’s going to solve the problem.

Any other users here kling to combine knx and homey an still struggling too?

Best regards, Tom

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Homey have a KNX IP interface which is the Weinzierl one. If you buy that and it doesn’t work at least you could probably return it legitimately!

Old thread, but it seems as you @MrTomTom and many others have the same problems I’m experiencing.

I have the Weinzierl IP-interface and I would say that it’s unreliable 98% of the time. It’s just pure luck if anything ever works for me with the KNX-app. Disconnected devices, different error messages, and simply no reaction (without error messages) when trying to activate devices or flows is standard.

I have tried all sorts of things to understand what the problem is, but with no luck.

Anyone else here that have actually managed to fix this?

Hi there,

Thanks for referring! :slight_smile: Actually I did not manage to fix this issue. So KNX - at least for me - not functioning/working. I tried in between changing the IP-interface - problem persists with Gira X1 too. Some say, with a KNX IP-Router (not interface) it should work (better)… But I do not want to spend 200€ just to test at the moment.

What I still want to try is to use knxd virtual IP Router Software - with the MDT interface. Maybe that’ll help.

It looks like I will have to move more and more away from Homey :frowning:


Same for me. Running KNX and Homey for 5 years and almost every day I have to restart the KNX-app (several times). First I used a Schneider IP interface. I then bought 731 IP-interface (from Athom) but no difference, still very unreliable. The pros with two interfaces is that I can use ETS at the same time as Homey is connected to the other interface.
Many times everything looks OK, no red ! but nothing happens when I use the app. No BUS communication from Homey.
All 5 tunnelse (in the 731 are enabled).
I gave up the automation between Homey and KNX a couple of years ago, but now, when electricity is more and more expensive, I really want to solve this problem.

Anyone that manage to work this out?

Still not solved. I switched to using a knxd docker container now to access the knx ip interface on my Gira X1 server directly. Still absolutely not reliable… :frowning:

I will stop sooner or later cause it is just too much effort…
I still want to try, bridging the technologies vie Home Assistant. But that’s a lot work… Another option would be to use Webhooks interacting with my Gira X1 server…

In total I am disappointed here - KNX functionality is advertised by Athom directly but appearently is not working for at least some of us.

What’s your status?

Best regards,

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How is it possible that this problem is not yet solved! Especially when the KNX app is an official app!

I have the new Homey Pro 2023 with the same problem and the KNX app has to be restarted 1-2 times per day.

Strange. I use a Weinzierl 731 bridge for years and no problems at all. Fully stable for quite a while now.

However getting KNX to work properly was difficult because I needed to obtain all the KNX activation adresses. Use the EDS debugger and then KNX app to send the correct address.

I used Lifedomus in the past, but due to lack of support and intuitivity I’ve bought the new Homey. I would say it’s not perfect but quite easy if you have the ETS file.
Configuration is OK… (except that it does not support windows blind but only shutters… so orientation is missing in my case…).
By the way using Google Home is fast, but there are some issues. For exemple if I say “Ok google turn off all the lights”, In Google Home and Homey lights are off, but they are still on. Looks like Homey is not sending the command for whole lights… same for my windows blinds.
Problem do not happen if I say “Ok google turn off the light in the kitchen”.

So if you have any idea… (Tried on Wifi and on ethernet, no difference)