KNX Gateway intermittent issue

Hi guys,

I have been using Homey for years and I like it a lot.

Recent year I have had issues with the communication between the KNX gateway and Homey. All of a sudden the Homey cannot find the gateway anymore and after a while all my KNX devices in home becomes unresponsive with a red symbol on them.

To fix this I add a new KNX device (like a switch or a light) and while doing that I will specify the interface of the KNX gateway. I then choose a group address and press save. Then everything works again.

This maybe happens every other month.

Anyone of you intelligent guys that have any idea of what the issue could be?

Btw the IP address for the gateway is static.


I have a similar problem. Every time Homey restarts or updates it looses contact with the knx gateway Weinzierl 731. I have to add an knx object to solve the problem, but it often takes many tries before it succeeds. I have not seen any measures from Athom to solve the problem.

Aha… maybe it is when the homey updates or when it restarts since I asume it will restart when it updates.

Anyways… this zooms in on the problem but no fix. Anyone else that maybe have a solution for this?