MOES Smart Switch 1 gang, 2 way?


I bought a MoesGo Smart Switch 1 gang and in the description we can see that the switch can be 1 way or 2 ways.

When I unbox the switch, I can see L, L1 and N and nothing else… how can I wire this switch for 2 ways ?

My actual 1 gang switch is wired with L, 1 and 2 …

Thank you very much !

Hmmmm… not quite, it’s a series of 2 models, with 1-gang, or 2-gang functionality.
You have to really select the 2-gang model, when you want to use it 2 ways
The 1-gang model can only switch one device.

This is also shown at that page:
L = Live
L1 = light 1 (1-gang model)
L2 = light 2 (2-gang model)
L3 = light 3 (3-gang model)
N = Neutral

Thank you, but I want a 1 gang switch like actual, but in 2 way (2 switches for one light)

Here the image in the Amazon item:

And here, the actual wiring with 2 no smart 1 gang switches