[Modding] Homey Pro (Model Early 201x) Antenna modification

Having used the Homey now for a couple of weeks, i can say the range of the Homey Z-wave antenna is S#!&. Athom have used the cheaper zwave module with included antenna, instead of using the module with external antenna that the manufacturer would provide. If they had done this properly and connected a proper external antenna like the Zigbee one, you would have alot more range.
Homey really need to redesign there controller if they wish to push this system outside the realm of simple DIY apartment/unit installations, and into the integrator and larger home market.
Well done Danone, I love the design and look. The only other option I will be looking into is having external connections for all interfaces, including the NFC reader. Would be great to have a standard reader located at a front door that is physically connected to the Homey hub via cable.

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