Modbus protocol on logger1000 foer each inverter

Dear Guys
I’m a Newbie.
I am researching sungrow’s solution for my project. The diagram as below

In my diagram, Inverter Groups were connected to COM 1 and COM 2 on 1000B Logger.
The Ethernet Port on logger was connected to Modem Wifi and SCADA system ( Via Modbus TCP Protocol)
I have 2 unclear-problems.

  1. The SCADA system is connected to logger by Modbus TCP Protocol. Besides the fact that I can read the total parameters of the inverter (the logger calculates itself), can I monitor and control the parameters of each inverter? Because SCADA needs to monitor the parameters of each individual inverter
  2. Can loggers can connected via both Isolar cloud and SCADA at the same time?
    Many Thanks