[App][Pro] Schneider Electric [modbus] - Life is ON

I’ve created an app for the Schneider Electric products.

It supports the following devices:

  • Acti9 smartlink SI D [gateway] with the following RF-meters:
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 1P (A9MEM1520)
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 1P+N Top (A9MEM1521)
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 1P+N Bottom (A9MEM1522)
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 3P (A9MEM1540)
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 3P+N Top (A9MEM1541)
    • PowerTag Acti9 M63 3P+N Bottom (A9MEM1542)
    • PowerTag Acti9 F63 1P+N(A9MEM1560)
    • PowerTag Acti9 P63 1P+N Top (A9MEM1561)
    • PowerTag Acti9 P63 1P+N Bottom (A9MEM1562)
    • PowerTag Acti9 P63 1P+N Bottom (A9MEM1563)
    • PowerTag Acti9 F63 3P+N (A9MEM1570)
    • PowerTag Acti9 P63 3P+N Top (A9MEM1571)
    • PowerTag Acti9 P63 3P+N Bottom (A9MEM1572)
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Hi @Tjar, how to find the app? And how did you manage to enable modbus? I cannot seem to activate modbus for my setup. Maybe you know :smiley:

As far as I now it’s enabled by default, as it’s a modbus gateway. The product is accessible at port 502 (by default).

The app is waiting for validation by Homey. as soon as it’s validated it will be available at the store as experimental.

Best regards,

Did you do anything to enable port 502? I think I get a timeout. Tried a few days now.

Is this error related maybe?

No I did not,

What kind of ventilation product are you using?

Best regards,

Dear Kim

I’ll check my code tomorrow just to be sure. If your device is created it should be a warning.

Best regards,

Hi have the following in my setup:
Wiser Energy IP modul + Wiser Energy Powertag 3P + Wiser Energy Powertag 1P

Wiser Energy IP modul is connected with LAN.

I am not able to ping my device with the following command (Powershell): Test-NetConnection 192.168.1.x -port 502
I am expecting Modbus not being able/available on my device - very sad.

Hi Kim,

It looks like you have a IP gateway that connects your system to the Schneider Weiser energy management platform. It doesn’t seem to support modbus.
The smart link SI D does support modbus TCP (A9XMWD20 or A9XMWD100)

Best regards,

Okay, thank you for your input. I was looking forward to using your app, I’ve tried and googled how to get data from my setup over the last couple of years - without luck. Now I’m a owner of Homey I would very much like these smart data to be collected in Homey.

I will return if I get updated products.

Hi @Kim_Kokholm ,

If you switch to the smartlink SI D you should check the compatibility:

I’ve implemented all acti9 powertags, the NSX types not (yet).

Hello nice app.
I dont have a powertag at the moment but it looks like a nice product. But do i still need the schnieder gateway to connect the powertag to homey?


you need it as its a protocol converter to their 868 wireless protocol.