Missing (System) items all of a sudden

Since today I notice that some of my flows were broken and the reason was that app or devices were deleted.

I think there was an option system and within there we could restart apps or let apps restart when the crash and get notifications after a Homey restart.
Those options are all gone now. There were no Homey updates for as far as I have seen so the question is what happened?

A Homey restart did not solve it.

Yes they should be. Could you run the following in the Homey Developer Tools and screenshot the result after pressing run.

Homey.flow.getFlowCardActions().then(cards => {
  return cards.filter(card => card.uri === 'homey:manager:system');

And “Power User” is still enabled?

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Wow, that one was disabled. Not sure how that happend.


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I totally forgot they are part of power user :man_facepalming:

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Yea, but is is a bit unusual it got disabled, when it was enabled before.
The question is, how it got disabled…
I enabled it once, a few years ago, and it never got disabled.
Offtopic: the only one which gets ‘ghost’ disabled here is Google Assistant, like, around every 3 days.

Must be another family member who did it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have no idea. Doesn’t matter anymore, it is solved and also learned from it bcause now I know where that option is enabled for.

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