Milight Hub esp8266 autodiscover app

See this
I don’t have the knowhow to make an app for this and the existing MiLight app does not work with it.
The solution is great for a number off reasons.

  1. the range is far more better than the existing milight hubs
  2. you don’t have to hide and configure all those individual hubs
  3. Cost, but the existing hubs are not expensive so for me this was not the reason.

Is there anyone with the knowledge, the will and time to make an app for this?

There is an option for an HomeAssistant MQTT Discovery Prefix. In HA it autodiscovers the lights.

In the beginning there were some problems with the milight (standard app in Homey) but they are all working great now for some time. So I really like them and this could be an even better solution for these great cheap lights.

I am willing to pay a bounty for it.


Maybe ask the maker of this App to implement your device?

The maker is Athom, I doubt they have the time but that is an assumption :blush: I will ask them.

Well…never heard from Athom again :roll_eyes:
Sadly no community programmer sees the benefit of an app for this. would a bounty help? :wink: