Midea Heat Pump with KJRH-120F

Dear Homey users,

Let me ask your help. I have a midea heat pump with KJRH-120F wifi capable control panel.
I am a little bit lost which kind of device it would be in homey. Do we have any supported way to add Midea Clould or direct integration with this device?

I have just the officially app which called MSmartHome (MSmartHome). But not sure this would be the way. I haven’t found any midea called app. But maybe there is another branded app which can handle this.

In case somebody has info about it please share with me.
Best regards,

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Did you figure it out already? I have the same question, but it seems right now there is no app for this.

No response on homey side, neither on midea side. :frowning: so i need to use the midea app to control the heat pump.
At least we are two with the same tech base :slight_smile:

Have the same question

The Midea eco system is on my radar for adding support (as a community app) but I will say that I am doubtful I would be adding support for heat pumps as I don’t have one myself.


Great to hear it!
Not sure how the API system works and how special the heat pumper. However, let me know if you need just a test system. I can be a tester with my system.

I would be happy if the Midea stick was supported.
Unfortunately there is no adapter in Iobroker.
This stick is built into many Midea devices.
For me it is a dehumidifier.
The devices are now controlled with the smart home app.