Microsoft Power Apps custom connector with Homey

Can anybody share some experience defining a custom connector in Microsoft Power Apps with Homey? I have, as a non-developer, knowledge of the low code Power Apps, but I have a lack of knowledge in the different options and settings in autorisatiion and definition of a custom connector.
Perhaps a screen dump and a short “how to” description will do.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll guess you could create an Power Automate flow which sends http-requests to your Homey, and call that flow from the Power Apps? I do understand that the flow will be async, but you might be able to bypass that by creating an action which calls for the Power Automate flow. This way, you would not need to do much coding.

Otherwise, it would probably be necessary to create a custom connector with C# which executes your commands or just let the connector work as a proxy so you can send your commands directly to the Homey? And creating that kind of custom connector should not be very difficult since it would only send the http-request and then return the respons back to the Power App.