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why or why is itn’t possible to assign multiple zones in Mi-Light app. If I want to have multiple zones with Mi-Light, I can add extra controllers so that I have more zones.

You get the option during pairing which zones of the bridge you want to add.
There is a maximum of 4 zones for the older ones, I believe 8 for the newer once (but don’t quote me on that one).
That is a hardware limitation of the bridges, nothing homey can do about that.
Or is that not what you meant?

Thanks for your reaction
This is not what I meant. I know that (as an example) I can create 4 zones with the white bulb in the bridge or controller. If I have all zones in use, I can add a new bridge or controller so that I can use or create another 4 zones with white bulb. Even is that possible with RGB/RGBW etc. That’s not possible in Homey

Ofcourse you can do that, just choose the different bulb from the add device menu, then you can even assign 2 groups of white and 2 rgb(w) with 1 controller.
I’ve done that before myself with 2 white, and 1 rgbw.
Or that has changed with an later update.

If i choose the white bulb then he told me there no found be new devices (see picture)
Can you tell me waht i am doing wrong?

So it can’t find the bridge, have you included the wifi bridge before?
If it is still included, maybe because you already have the white included so you need to re-include those devices, not sure what the behaviour is if you want to add on to the same device type of group/zone

I have already used the 4 zones in the wifi bridge and now i wanted another 4 zones

If you want an other 4 zone’s, you need an other bridge.
I’ve had the same problem with the white bulbs and the RGB bulbs. I’ve add them all as RGBWW lamps. If you do so, you see all the zone’s at ones, and you can add them all at the same time.
it seems, Homey sees only the groups, not the bulbs.
For example, if you have two lamps added to one zone, the control is simultaneously.
If you want to control every bulb individually, you have to give them there one group. Or you have to pair them with the remote. Every bulb in there one zone. The remote works as a stand alone device and has no connection to homey.
I’ve 3 bridges in my home and around 14 bulbs.
I’ll hope, I’ve got some time next week, for the installation of the fourth bridge and two more bulbs.

Anyway, this is my experience with mi-light. It took me a while to figure it out.
I’ll hope this will help you out.

Thanks for your reaction,

I have two bridges. Do I understand that you can also add the white bulb under the rgbww zone so that I can create more white bulb zone’s. Wich bridges you use? this one afbeelding or this one afbeelding

Yes, you can add a white bulb in a rgbww zone. Homey will see it as a rgbww bulb and shows the full color control. but the bulb will not respond to the color modes. It makes kinda sens…
I use both bridges. the one with the light in it, has actually 5 zones, one is the bridge light. You can control it as well.

Thanks I will try it.



Hello Maan

I tried everything but nothing works. My question is to yours is in which app you assign the extra zones of milight. You have the old app that works only with the older controller and the new app only works with the new controller. In the new milight controller app I have used all w / w zones. I have added the older controller as extra zones. I added this in the older app from Milight. I have tried RGBW but it does not work. I have tried WW in the old app and it works fine. But how do I get this added in the RGBWW?
I still have 32 controllers / bridges if you are still interested?


Hi Ben,
I have the new controllers and the new app. Version V3.7
I’ll hope I’ve got next week some time to make a step by step plan, how I add my new bridge.
Are you dutch? Maybe we can move to the dutch part. That will be easier for me.

Hi Maan,

Thanks for your answer. Yes i am coming from the Netherlands. Even for me is it easier. You told me that you use both bridges where i mailed the photo’s in the community. I go to the dutch site and i am waiting for your answer.


I have made a new topic in dutch

Ok. This one is gonna be closed then. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact any moderator on the forum or send Bram a pb.