Pairing Milight bulbs or strips

Is it possible to pair multiple bulbs, or strips, to the same zone?

For example. I have a Milight 4 one touch panel. I also have for each LED strip a separate controller.

Is it possible to pair controller 1 and controller 2 to Zone 1 or do I “have to” pair each controller to a unique zone, i.e. controller 1 to Zone 1 and Controller 2 to Zone 2.

Ideally I would like Bothe on zone 1 but just need advice on what is possible when doing the pairing procedure.

You can allocate devices to any zone you want. Another possibility are associations. Got to the advanced settings of your device. That way you can control multiple devices at the same time.


Many YT videos show pairing a SINGLE bulb with a single channel on the MiLight Touch Panel T3 Smart Wall Mount Remote, but not if you can add multiple bulbs or LEDS per zone. It seems that the WiFi app via phone you can assign many bulbs to a zone, but it is sketchy on how to assign multiple bulbs per zone.

I will try and pair multiple items to a zone and see what happens.