Mi home light sensors polling

Fellow Homeys,

I have a question about the Mi Home light sensors.

My window shutters are automatically going up and down with a Tuya based motor. I have created flows based on the amount of LUX that will open or close the shutters.

When built, i’ve used the Mi Flora sensors in the window based flower pots. This was working great. Sadly, at this moment, the BLE core of Homey is having problems which made me replace my Flora sensor with a Mi Home sensor that I use for automatic lights in my home.

The problem is that the polling frequency for this sensors is non-adjustable. This brings me the situation that the shutters will not go up when it’s cloudy and won’t come down when the sun is very bright. Well… It will do it, but not in time. Sometimes it’s taking Homey 10 minutes the recheck the sensor value.

Is there a way to set this to a more often polling frequency? Maybe in Homey developer settings? I’ve checked but can’t find it :frowning:

Which one, specifically?

Strange that the settings are showing information for a motion sensor :thinking:

I know from deCONZ that that particular light sensor has settable attributes for reportable change (when the illuminance changed more than X) and minimum/maximum reporting intervals. Perhaps @TED can tell if those attributes are supported by Homey?

Don’t think so, better ask @TedTolboom :smiley:


I agree, I should get the privilege to use @TED as well…

Changing attributeReporting config in current Zigbee core is not possible. From what I know / see it should be feasible in the new Zigbee core…

so with a bit of patience / TED special…

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