Mercator Ikuu Fan/Light Zigbee Design Approach


I’m fairly new to Homey but not new to JS development or home automation. In the process of migrating from Hubitat and trying to get familar with the approach taken inside Homey.

Second custom device driver I’ll need to build is one for the locally supported Mercator Ikuu Fan/Light Zigbee switch that has 3 speed fan and on/off light switch built into a single Zigbee wall plate.

The concept in Hubitat is that parent drivers can create child devices for the supported endpoints that are updated via the parent. I’m not really sure if that’s similar in Homey and can’t really find a simple example that does something similar for zigbee - where the device is a child based on integrating the endpoints and changing the behaviour accordingly.

This is the groovy code for Hubitat that is what I’m trying to migrate from/to…

@Emile are you able to quickly point me to some example or provide some advice here? I think if you have some successful transitions from Hubitat then that might help some other users make the journey into Homey.

Hi @gslender , How has your project progressed?

I also have an Ikuu product which I’m hoping to connect to - specifically the Zigbee Dimmer Mech and Zigbee Switch Mech which I imagine are similar to your Ikuu Zigbee Single Gang Light Dimmer.

I never got much support from the community or developers so I’ve parked it for now. Happy to revisit this if you’d also like to work on this with me. I have same devices as you actually too.

I’d be happy to help any way I can. I’m just getting these installed as part of a renovation and was trying this evening to connect to one of them and pull some info using Tuya cli but they won’t register

So what specific devices do you have to test with? Also, do you know much about Zigbee and how to code drivers for Homey Pro ? (I’m assuming you do have a Homey Pro right ??)

From the Mercator Ikuu range I have the Dimmer Switch Mechanism (SSWM-DIMZ) and the regular Switch Mechanism (SSWM). These are the first zigbee devices I’ve had. I also have the Ikuu Pro Hub.

No coding experience I’m afraid but can generally follow along. I’ve dabbled with Homebridge and that level of config thus far. I really need the ikuu stuff working with Homey to get value out of it and so and have started to setup the Homey SDK to give it a go and then I saw your post. I can certainly test. I have the Homey Pro, yes.