Max size insights data

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I’ve been developing an app for a p1 smart energy meter. And I’m reaching the point of publishing. This app is recording 10 different capabilities every 5 seconds. I read somewhere that every capability is recorded in insights and when I calculate the amount of data this is producing over a year it frightens me a bit.

In my calculations I assume every value is stored in a 4 byte floating point number.

10 * 4 * 12 * 60 * 24 * 365 = 240 MB per year, which in my opinion sounds like a lot when we have only 2,5GB disk space. Even if I record the data once very 10 seconds it’s still 120MB a year.

I was wondering how long the insight data is stored and if it gets decimated when it reaches a certain age?

Yeah data gets summarized very quickly, the used datapoints get fewer and fewer back in time.

These graphs are from a P1 with updates every second:


Total size of all of my insights:

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Okay, thanks for the insight of your insight :wink:

Is there any documentation on what the decimation over time is?

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Thank you, good to know