Matter - Dual flow activations for FOH devices


i’m experince dual flow activations (dual outputs) when connection and useing FOH devices trough matter from the Hue bridge to Homey.

It’s like every flow is activated twice so one single press, will be handled as 2 x 1. single presses.
Anyone else who have FOH devices there are able to test this?

Please see theese flows below.

Kind regards.

I do not know what causes it, but a workaround can be found in Advanced Triggers, where you can set a debounce (in ms) so it will skip the second activation.



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Hello @Rrrr

Thanks for your reply. Indeed seems like a temporary fix for the issue, i will have look at it, but its very “overcomplicated” to do for each flow for 30 switches, so this is probably not gonna be my main solutions for the problem :slight_smile:

If you have a legacy (non matter) app for Hue, did you try to disable it and test again?

Havent tried that yet, but even if that was a problem, that something there needs to be changed firmware wise, we cant have protocol overlapping each other :slight_smile:

Since I do not have your friends of Hue switch I cannot reproduce your issue.
Nevertheless I tested with a Hue 4 button Dimmer Switch.

Here’s my “test” (even though it all goes as expected):

  1. HP2023
  2. Hue dimmer switch device on Matter: fires only once
  3. Hue dimmer switch device on Philips Hue app: fires only once



I’m only experince this issue for connected FOH devices, a native hue dimmer, does not double triggering here aswell.