Mark Greenwave powernodes as end point

I have quite a number of Z-Wave devices. Some of them don’t always work as expected and in a lot of cases, I see the nodes being connected through a Greenwave Powernode. Now, I have already removed 3 of the single node Greenwave power nodes.
However, I still have 3 6-node Greenwave power strips. Can I somehow indicate all my Greenwave devices to be end points rather than routing devices? I would like to test if that helps getting a more stable Z-Wave network

My Greenwave-6 devices work perfect as Router device. Have 2 of them in use.

You can’t change the behaviour of a z-wave device if it is a routing device or not.

I don’t really see them doing things wrong. But for example, I have this issue: Bewegingssensor - #7 by Martin_De_Vries (A Coolcam Z-Wave PIR that seems to be “stuck” detecting movement which is not there)
And I have this issue:
Fibaro smoke sensor battery level - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum (Battery level of some Fibaro smoke detectors not being updated after replacing the battery)

That’s why I am investigating if I can control my Z-Wave network a little bit more. For example: my Homey is in the living room and a smart plug on the first floor is connected via a Greenwave power node that is in the garage.
My multisensor in the bathroom (first floor) is connected through a Greenwave power node that is on the second floor.
A Coolcam power plug in the living room (so, in line of sight of the Homey) is connected through two Greenwave power nodes that are on the other side of a concrete wall in the garage! :expressionless:

So, in the meantime I had the reply from Caseda and basically, the only thing I can do if I want to rule this out is remove all Greenwave power nodes?

I cannot stress enough that I really hope to figure this out, because this kind of fiddling with my home automation is why I wanted to move away from Domoticz!