Manipulate -offset temperature sensor


any tips on how to offset a temperature sensor value?
what device to use?

looking for a way to manipulate the temperature input for a device.

That’s not a lot of information that is provided.

Is it about a general possibility?
What needs to be done with the corrected value? Should it only be displayed or used in flows?
Is it about a specific temperature sensor?
Or are you looking for a sensor where you can set a temperature offset?

The offset value can be calculated e.g. with variables and taken into account in flows.
The offset value can also be displayed via a virtual device (thermostat device).
It’s not a “real” temperature sensor, but it’s possible to set a temperature offset in the advanced device settings of the Fibaro MotionSensor.
With the bleBox temperature sensor it’s possible to set an offset for the temperature in the original bleBox app. This corrected value will also be sent to Homey.