Make flow decision based on Sensibo temperature

I’m quite new to Homey Pro flows, and I’m experimenting with my Sensibo app mixed with some electricity costs apps. I notice the Sensibo app is collecting temperature from the Sensibo device, and would like to add logic in the flow depending on the temperature registered on the Sensibo device. But I’ve not been able to make this work as I was hoping for.

For example:
[Electricity price has changed]
[Electricity price is high] AND [Sensibo temperature > 20’C]
[Turn off device Sensibo is controlling]

I’m not able to do the
“AND [Sensibo temperature > 20’C]”
For Sensibo there seems to be no AND condition based on temperature. For Sensibo there seems only to be an option to create conditions based on temperature based on “WHEN”, like:
WHEN: [Sensibo temperature goes past 20’C] THEN [do something]

Does anybody have ideas how I can workaround to achieve what I’m describing in the example?

Try a logic card and look up the tags of the device.

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