Luxorparts 50219 in Homey?

I am new at Homey and have a number of Luxorparts 50219 installed, using remote control. Now I want to control them by Homey. The Luxorports app does’nt support 50219, is any other app I can use?

I found out that I could use Klikaanklikuit app.
If you have the luxorparts remote then use remote YCT-102.
You will the see that the channel and buttons are different, but its not that hard to figure out what is what. You can see that during the teaching part of remote.
On channel 1 (Luxorparts remote)
Button 1 => Channel 4, Button 3
Button 2 => Channel 4, Button 2
Button 3 => Channel 3, Button 4
Button 4 => Channel 2, Button 4

For the socket you can use YC-3500, use remote to teach Homey the socket output adress.

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Hi I found manual for what I believe is the same device. FHT-7901 . Download usermanual of REV-Ritter FHT-7901

It has two groups of dipswitches
House codes 1-5 and Button (A-E) switches 6-10

As YC-3500 has two wheels A-P and 1-16, which one is which? Is it house codes first?

But I can not get the channel receivers to operate from homey. Any tip on how I shall think with the dipswitches ?

Hi @Tor_Suneson , do you resolve your issue ?
I have the same device.

Thank you

I have resolved my issue.
I have installed ACTION app v3.1.3.
I have choose device named “Impuls EL-COCO20” then configure the dipswitches like the one on my socket.
I repeat operation for all my socket with the corresponding dipswitches.

I hope it will help user.

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