Luxafor (alternative for the limped Homey LED ring)

Ever since Athom decided to break the ability to control the LED ring on the Homey-Pro 2023 (for no reason in my opinion), i’ve been searching for a workaround or an alternative (which is kind of a workaround).

Found one, not cheap, but works and is controllable from a flow with an Webhook API.

I’ve purchased an Luxafor bluetooth Luxafor Bluetooth - Luxafor to test, and it works quite well. Nice thing is that you can place the led where needed (accu powered), so you don’t need Homey in sight on a central location. You can also add multiple status lights.

If someone want to try it out, i’ll add the flows (with the control JSON code) down below. The website with de API insides for help en error solving: Webhook API - basics and guidelines - Luxafor Knowledge Base

De quotes costed me, apparently this is important in JSON, i’m not that much of a scripter :slight_smile:

You do need an OS that runs 24/7 to run the software. I set up the Luxafor software on a VM that already runs 24/7. This software connects with Luxafor to pik up the web hooks. You can find your authorisation key in the settings of the software.

The accu of the battery powered (Dot) lasts for about a week. That’s a bit short in my opinion for day to day use. Better get a powered (USB) one. There are cheap options like the “flag”. However that limits your options because you need some sort of power source.

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Example code:

This code is to turn of the led, but you can determine the color, brightness, blinking etc. Turning down the brightness should also help to save battery power, which i don’t have experience with yet.